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It’s the Nat Geo Kids Shop mission to get young explorers excited about a world full of adventure! Whether it’s nature, science, geography or history, we have carefully selected our range of toys, games and books to provide an educational, fun-filled experience designed to fascinate and inspire children. 


Waste Less


How to recycle books: 

Because of the glue that’s used to bind hardback books, they can’t usually be recycled at the kerbside and collected with the rest of your paper. However, unwanted books can be passed on to someone else, donated to a charity shop or an organisation who seeks to reduce book poverty for children. 


One in four disadvantaged children has less than 10 books at home * and one in eight has none. 

*Book ownership, literacy engagement and mental wellbeing © National Literacy Trust 2018


When you’re next making space on your children’s bookshelf, please consider passing on the books your children no longer need to the Children’s Book Project or National literacy Trust. Both organisations have collection points nationwide. 


What are National Geographic Kids doing to help? 

In 2021 we collected and donated 800 books to Children’s Book Project, another collection is planned for this year (2023) and every month we donate over 3,000 copies of National Geographic Kids Magazines to National Literacy Trust. 


How to dispose of electrical items 

Please check the instructions on the packaging of any electrical or battery operated items you buy from our store. Please always remove batteries from an item before you dispose of it. You’ll often find battery collection points inside large retail stores where you can drop them off for recycling. 


Upcycling ideas for your empty Gift in a Tin

We’ve got plenty of great upcycling ideas for your empty gift in a tin! How about trying out one of these…

  • Store art supplies
  • Keep your National Geographic Kids Mag Fact Cards inside. 
  • A box for treats 
  • Ask a parent to drill drainage holes in the bottom so you can use it as a planter for small herbs or succulents 

How to dispose of PopHeads

We hope you’ll never get bored of your PopHeads Dinosaur, but if you do need to dispose of it please put it in your kerbside recycling as paper can be recycled 5-7 times! PopHeads are printed on FSC certified paper. 


Our packaging 

Your order will be packaged in recyclable and FSC certified paper or cardboard. Please dispose of packaging in your kerbside recycling.


Ethical Sourcing 

It’s important to us that we only sell products from manufacturers who are transparent about their supply chains and strive to be ethical in their treatment of people and the planet. This is how we do it: 

  • We survey all of our suppliers to find out about their social and environmental business practices. 
  • We obtain a copy of factory audits and third party certifications 
  • We give preference to working with suppliers who pay their staff a real living wage

Find out more 

Nat Geo Kids Shop is run by Creature & Co. (publishers of National Geographic Kids Magazine). To find out more about our impact and goals read our 2021 annual Impact Report here > 


To find out more about the environmental and social initiatives we’re working towards in the production of our magazine and what we’ve already achieved visit our sustainability hub here >